Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jeanne d' Arc Handmade Tags

Good morning everyone, it is Dec 29th already and 2012 is just creeping in around the corner! Scary for some and exhilarating for others!!! So what better way to herald the new year than finding inspirations for our year ahead! Here @ moXieantiquestoo, our sister store .... (moXieantiques is our flagship store for european statues and home decor).... we were inspired to create two original handmade tags of one of our favorite saints Jeanne d' Arc or St. Joan of Arc. We wanted to share them... they are for sale at moxieantiquestoo. Please click on the images and they will bring you directly to the listings!!! We hope you love them! Happy New Year and may you be just as inspired as we are! We are pleased with how they turn out! Stay tuned for more of our creative outbursts that can happen at any time! xoxo

Monday, December 26, 2011

Green Tara Tibetan Ancient Thangka Sacred Art Artist Feature

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! With the New Year fast approaching, we wanted to follow up on our earlier blogpost on Green Tara, the divine feminine of Tibetan Buddhism. We have received much interest on learning more about Green Tara and so we wanted to share our journey with everyone. Such a journey always leads to learning more than we plan on so hang on your seats and travel with me!

I have had the good fortune of getting to know talented artist and glassblower (retired) Colin Boone, who reside in the United Kingdom. Over this blogpost, I will be sharing original artwork by Colin Boone of Green Tara, White Tara and Avalokitesvara. Colin had spent 3 years learning the strict doctrine of thangka art painting from masters in Nepal. It took him at least a decade to learn it! It is with pleasure that we feature his lovely "thangka" art for the world to appreciate and enjoy. We thank Colin for his kind generosity and allowing us to enjoy his treasures! As Colin shared with us, true blue thangka painting can only be achieved by all who choose to study its only methods.

Let us start with Green Tara as it is through Her that all this interest and learning came about. 
All knowledge of Tara below was provided by Colin Boone.
Please support Colin's shop at

If you mention to Colin that you were sent by moXieantiques through this blogpost, he will automatically provide you with a 10% discount at his store!!!
And of course you can contact him if you are interested in purchasing any of his original artwork, art prints or antiques ...

Both Green and White Tara, came from each eye of the tears wept by Avalokiteshvara.

White Tara from the tears of the left eye. Green Tara from the tears of the right. 

Both Tara are also the consort of Avalokiteshvara.

They represent also, night or day.

Green Tara represents the night

and White Tara, the day.

This is shown by them dressed or holding either lotus flowers in FULL BLOOM, during day or HALF-OPEN lotus, at night.

Their characteristics are also different, for Green Tara embodies activity and though she is the fiercer form of the two,
she is also a goddess of compassion and saviour, whereas White Tara, has grace & serenity with her displays.
BUT together, both Tara, are the very compassion, unending, who labour to rid of us suffering during day & night.

The colour Green suggests action, accomplishment and activity, just as believed of Green Tara to have been.
Her posture is one of ease, with her left leg folded, whilst her right leg is stretched-out and ready for action.
Her hands serve as granting gestures and refuge,
her lotus flowers are sometime closed to signify power, purity and the very jewels of a bodhisattva.

She is the saviouress, and has ability to overcome the most difficult of situations, such as anxiety, fear and danger.

Om Mani Padme Hum 

We will continue to share more on our next blogpost as we think that is enough to contemplate on for now and just a wonderful introduction to the world of Tibetan sacred art .... We will share more about how to distinguish between Green and White Tara and other interesting facts and pictures as we find or receive them... There is so much and we want you to love it so we will not overload you!!!
 Stay tuned to our features on Tibetan sacred art here @ moxieantiques

If there are specific areas of thangka art or tibetan sacred art that you are interested in learning about, please feel free to send us an email and we would be glad to take your suggestions!
We love comments ... pls leave us your thoughts or a message so we know you are out there looking at this somewhere out there in this vast wide universe! Smiles! Blessings! Peace!

xoxo and enjoy ....

Friday, December 23, 2011

my art blog - by heather cash: How to ship a painting

my art blog - by heather cash: How to ship a painting: I had to read up on a lot of sites to figure out the best way to ship a painting. Here's how I ship mine to ensure that nothing goes wrong d...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our French Victorian Silk Painting Blog

Thanks to Karen for featuring one of our listings on her blog!!! xoxo.. Merry Christmas !!!

fineoldthings...: 1900s French Victorian Silk Painting: This lovely Vintage listing is painted beautifully with highlighted tiara, flowers, jewelry, brooch, sections of gown...and that c...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Angel Wings and Statues

Nothing creates the wonder of Christmas as nicely as angel wings and madonna statues .... Just a reminder that we still have pink, white angel wings with lovely french madonnas from Jeanne d' Arc Living on sale ....
Please contact us directly @ for items below... They are not on our store on etsy.... which focus on antique and vintage home decor!
These products shown below are original and handmade from Denmark... from the pioneers of French Nordic home decor style... Jeanne d' Arc Living .... moXieantiques is a US authorized reseller of Jeanne d' Arc Living...


Purely Whimsical

French Madonna

Another French Madonna


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

French Sculptures

I am starting to get comfortable sharing in blogland after "A Virgin A Day" which ended yesterday! Already missing my new friends made on blogland... but know they are only a blog away...  hope we all stay connected as kindred spirits are just precious!  Treasure the connections we made in these 12 days!

Today... moXieantiques has a new look on etsy .... we look forward to sharing our learning and love for french sculptures over the coming posts! Please stay tuned .....

Jeanne d'Arc écoutant ses voix (Joan of Arc listening to her voices) by François Rude
François Rude
4 January 1784 - 3 November 1855
Born in Dijon
a pupil of Pierre Cartellier

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 12 A Virgin A Day

Today... we have reached the last of our offering for Our A Virgin A Day experience... this is where we share with one another for 12 days... To see more wonderful posts from participants ... pls visit Rebecca's blog ... Today is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe... and we have all learnt so much from one another in a spirit of love and understanding...
I end today with a memory from younger days .... My literature teacher, Alan Davis had made a comment that stuck in my head to this day .... We were reading the book "A Passage to India" by E.M. Forster and he had casually mentioned that he thought he had seen the Virgin Mary as one of the figures on the Hindu mosque ...  with this, we end with more contemplation of the vast universe we live in... as I have learnt from wonderful "YOU" ... Namaste

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Belated Day 10 and Day 11 of a Virgin A Day ....

I sit here pondering on my offering for my belated Day 10 and 11 of a Virgin A Day which I joined here @ Rebecca's blog .... Thank you all for making the faith journey so wonderful, interesting and fun...and for creating communities on cyberspace that help encourage one another to keep faith one day at a time.. whatever that "faith" means for each of us ....

My offering for Day 10 of A Virgin A Day @ 12:10am would be the words of french St Therese on The Blessed Virgin.... Very fitting for Mary's feast day!

None of these wonderful words are mine... All errors, if any, are mine...Enjoy...

How I love the Blessed Virgin! Had I been a priest, oh! how I should have spoken of her. She is represented as unapproachable, rather ought she to be shown as imitable. She is more Mother than Queen. I have heard it said that all Saints are eclipsed by her radiant brightness as the sun at rising makes the stars dissappear. How strange that seems - a mother eclipsing the glory of her children! I think quite the contrary. I believe that she will immensely increase the splendor of the elect... The Virgin Mary! how simple does her life appear to me ... Story of A Soul, Ch. XII

Sometimes I find myself saying to the Holy Virgin: "Do you know, O cherished Mother, that I think myself more fortunate than you? I have you for Mother and you have not, like me, the Blessed Virgin to love ... You are, it is true, the Mother of Jesus, but you have given Him to me, and He, from the Cross gave you to us as our Mother, so we are richer than you. Of old it was your desire that you might be the little handmaiden of the Mother of God; and I, poor little creature, I am, not your servant, but your child: you are the Mother of Jesus and you are my Mother." XIII Letter to her sister Celine

O Mary, if I were Queen of Heaven and thou wert Therese, I fain would be Therese to see thee Queen of Heaven! September 8, 1897, Last words written by Sister Therese of the Child Jesus.

All statues of St Therese are for sale @ moXieantiques  and moXieantiquestoo
Please double click on your favorite statues isting!above and it will bring you directly to the sale lxoxo

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Green Tara ! A Virgin A Day ... Day 9...

I recently came to know about Green Tara and very incredibly drawn to Her .... would like to share a lovely mantra I came across ....This will be my day 9 offering of a Virgin a Day ... which I joined @ Rebecca's blog ....

Many refer to Green Tara as Mother Tara and this post, we contemplate the Virgin Mary and Green Tara, both wonderful divine feminine forces in this universe.... both honored in different faith traditions !!!

@ m o X i e a n t i q u e s  .... we are constantly learning about new old faith traditions, while honoring known ones!

A green tara statue may sneak into our shop at moXieantiques when a treasure arrives in our midst!

Peace ....

Day 8 of A Virgin A Day...

I am so enjoying all the offerings of A Virgin A Day @ Rebecca's Blog  ... I have almost forgotten about my offering for day 8 while cruising all the wonderful aisles!!!.... Here goes my 9pm offering of our classic madame ... lovely statue from Jeanne d' Arc Living available from moXieantiques

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to purchase this lovely madonna... handmade in Denmark...
Make a wonderful gift for Christmas !!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 7 A Virgin A Day ....

Hi everyone.... it is Day 7 of A Virgin A Day ... which I joined here at Rebecca's blog

Ok... I barely made it ... it is almost 11pm ... was out all day ... and now I am thinking about my offering for Day 7 ..... and here goes ...

I first came to know about Our Lady of the Smiles through Saint Therese .... St Therese frequently talked about a statue of the Virgin Mary that healed her... With some research online, I found out that statue was named "Our Lady of the Smile"...... Wonder what that statue looked like...
here is a video I found online .... where you will catch a glimpse of that exact statue towards the end!!!

Please click on the picture of the statue below to enter another link I found online...


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 6 A Virgin A Day ....

Day 6 of A Virgin A Day ... which I joined here at Rebecca's blog

Today I feature a statue once owned and loved .... that touched me in a special way ... missed gazing at the statue "live" .... but am happy that it went to lovely lady from Colorado who loved her as much as moi.... as Thomas Acquinas once said...

"Man should not consider his material possessions his own, but as common to all, so as to share them without hesitation when others are in need." -- Thomas Aquinas

Sedes Sapientiae is Latin for the Seat of Wisdom.... known commonly as Our Lady of Wisdom... very rare old Madonna....but v fabulous.... don't we all need divine wisdom? hands raised? my hands are up....

Sedes Sapientiae, Ora Pro Nobis.
Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5 A Virgin A Day ....

Good evening everyone... it is Day 5 of A Virgin A Day .. which I joined here at Rebecca's blog... here

And I would like to share our latest find of a european antique handpainted mary statue ... not out yet but wanted to give you a sneak preview of lovely Madame.... Immaculate Heart of Mary Statue .. about 17" Tall... Awesome size for our homes... and colors are just gorgeous! Enjoy...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 4 of A Virgin A Day

Here is my Day 4 offering for a Virgin A Day ... which I joined here

Immaculate Heart of Mary Antique Framed Print

Oopsie .. Belated Day 3 of A Virgin A Day

Just listed a rare pewter statue of Madonna Oropa and wanted to share this....

Offering for Day 3 A Virgin A Day

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 2 A Virgin A Day

Here is our Day 2 offering for A Virgin A Day .... by Rebecca ... if you want to join  ... you may join here

We present to you a rare precious antique ....

Antique 1890 to Early 1900s Rare Virgin Mary Shrine Shadowbox Wonderful Frame Shrine Silk Flowers
The lovely petition that is so faded yet its lovely patina speaks of a love worn shrine... with a prayer of petition below verbatim.. very lovely piece to add to your existing collection and so you know, these are rare and are getting harder and harder to come by on the pictures to enter the listing ...

Petition to The Blessed Virgin Mary
Remember Mary, tenderest-hearted Virgin, how from of old
ear hath never heard that he who ran to thee for refuge, implored
thy help, and sought thy prayers, was foresaken of God. Virgin of
Virgins, Mother, emboldened by this confidence I fly to thee, to thee
I come, and in thy presence, I a weeping sinner stand. Mother of
the Word Incarnate. O cast not away my prayer: (Here mention your request),
but in thy pity hear and answer. Amen.

This lovely antique shadowbox shrine of the Virgin Mary is for sale at moXieantiques

Blessings for the day! And wishing all a meaningful advent!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Virgin A Day ...

Today ... Donna ... our artist who restore and transform statues @ our sister store moXieantiquestoo
told me about an invitation to post a virgin a day for 12 days ... so I joined here
Definitely got the blog going again! And for a lovely reason ... and a great idea to celebrate advent...
plus here @ moXieantiques we have so many marys waiting for good homes to grace... so here goes a selection of Notre Dame des Lourdes lovely statues from moXieantiques and moXieantiquestoo

Just a reminder ...
Our flagship store m o X i e a n t i q u e s will focus on european home decor .. specializing in lovely old statues.
Our sister store moXieantiquestoo will focus on artist transformations and restorations of lovely old statues.
Here goes a sneak peek of Notre Dame Lourdes statues .. Click on the pictures below to enter the listing directly ... All our statues are waiting to grace homes this Christmas... Treat yourself to a lovely statue from moXieantiques or moXieantiquestoo this holiday season... What better way to inspire your days ahead than gazing at a lovely statue! Here @ moXieantiques, we have choices ... enjoy browsing and let us know if we can help you find a statue you love!