Friday, September 2, 2011

What a Concept for a Blog .....

I was just thinking to myself in the shower the other day .... now, if my blog was a highway, i'd like it to be as uncommercialized as possible... no ads, no billboards, just a plain ol' scene of the real unvarnished beauty of what nature has to offer.... i have always loved genuine reminders of faith, actions, people, things and such ... stuff that came from the heart in any form or fashion... and supported them wholeheartedly... i would say this never got me very far in corporate america but that is a whole other story :)....  I have been touched and inspired by many blogs that i have come across... they are all lovely, wise, well put together and there is always something to say that i find so interesting and inspiring...  then u have me with one heck of a vision for a blog that may never take off in this age and time... after all, i do hope to sell so i can continue to do this... right... ? if you have any thoughts to share, i would love to hear it... xoxo...  i will blog more next week....


  1. I loved what you wrote about what your dream of a blog would be. All you have to do is make it so. I will give you the advice I was given when I first began my blog. Write what you know - be yourself and make it you. Why not put a scene of a highway in the country with no billboards etc? Fill it with flowers and nature. Make it you.

  2. Thanks for your uplifting message Donna... those are wonderful suggestions which I will implement... xoxo