Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mater Maria

Hello .... just wanted to direct your attention to another of our artist feature statue restored by artist Donna Lockwood from TheWoodwife

We wanted to bring this to our customer's attention ... that this is a statue we @ moXieantiques have procured .... and restored by our artist in feature .... To go directly to the listing... please double click on the picture below... the colors of mater maria nd virgin mary have been updated and distressed.. revealing distressed shades of pink ... very unique and only one of a kind ... this statue will ship directly from our artist.... Please check this lovely mater maria statue out and pass it on to anyone that maybe looking for st anne and virgin mary statue... have a lovely week...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Friends !

Hello... just wanted to share a new listing from my friend Karen of fineoldthings
Now...Karen was my first friend when I joined etsy .... We both started our vintage shops around the same time... and went through the same "hair pulling" experiments on both our shops ... We have laughed, griped, cried and shared the pains and joys of online selling  .... here goes one of her recent finds of a vintage Infant Jesus of Prague statue... Karen lives in Itasca, Illinois... and this is a local find .... Check her statuette out by clicking on the picture below or visiting her shop at http://www.fineoldthings.etsy.com/


Friday, November 11, 2011

Handmade Spark - moxieantiques - european statues and french madonnas jeanne d arc living

Handmade Spark - moxieantiques - european statues and french madonnas jeanne d arc living

Giveaway Milestone Motivation!!!

Hello everyone ....

Happy Veteran's Day!  ....

Been soooo busy with technology lately ... and it is amazing how they eat up your time sooo quickly :)... but will try to free up more time to source ... which is the lovely part about our shop... everything is unique and special .... !!! We are looking forward to finding more wonderful vintage treasures for your home and heart .... And here is an idea that came to mind this morning .... to motivate us to keep going on 11-11-11.... did u guys realize that ... today is 11-11-11 .... !!!

In any case, here is the deal we @ moXieantiques will commit to !!! Once we reach 100 followers on our blog, we will have our first grand giveaway!!! More details to come .... when the milestone hits !!! So,  join in the fun and look forward to our first grand giveaway !!!

Will we reach that line by Xmas, next year, next Xmas.. who knows.... when the time comes... that is the deal!!! Only requirements we know now is ... the winner must have a paypal account and follow us on our blog , facebook, twitter
All links @ http://www.moxieantiques.com/

Happy 1-11-11 !!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Collection of Infant Jesus of Prague Statues - Coming Soon @ moXieantiques

Good evening everyone, it's Melinda from m o X i e a n t i q u e s
Just wanted to provide a few updates and things to look forward to ....

We will be releasing our Xmas collection of Infant Jesus of Prague statues soon.... got to take those lovely shots.... just in time for Christmas ... what can be more wonderful than this whimsical figure heralding your home this Christmas? Let us relive old faith traditions .... and enjoy the season!!!! Xmas wishes and Infant Jesus of Prague statues to be released soon @ moXieantiques .... !!! Even if you are not Catholic by religion... one cannot help but get fascinated by this wonderful ancient wax doll .... that had such history of devotions by saints and fellowmen.... What is it about this whimsical figure... and who is he?... Those were questions I have asked .... maybe it is now your turn! Everything works its way in wonderful ways and we invite you to keep up and follow us on our Xmas Release .... and just so you know ... it is ok to buy the statue you love first ... and figure it out afterwords!!!! That is how it happened for me!!!

This brings to mind a prayer ... Donna (the lady we partner with to restore this lovely Lourdes statue..do you recall our blogpost.)... had sent me.... of a famous prayer by Saint Anselm ....

"I yearn to understand some measure of thy truth which my heart believes and loves. For I do not seek to understand in order to have faith, but I have faith in order to understand. For I believe this: I shall not understand unless I have faith" by Saint Anselm

Some wonderful insight for the day on having and keeping faith !!!

And here you go.... @ moXieantiques .... we believe in keeping faith one day at a time... and having fun while doing that!  We specialize in European statues and home decor... we source unique vintage treasures for your home and heart!!! If you find us on our blog.. we invite you to follow us...

We love all our customers, past and present ... and working on our Xmas surprise!!! You are the reason we exist....Love.... Peace .... Blessings.... xoxo....

We love what we do and we hope you love what you buy from us !!! They go hand in hand ......

Please remember to bookmark us and join us on our journey ..... for your convenience... here they are!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interesting Day ... New Website and We are now on Ebay!

Today .. 2 things to update all of you ....

moXieantiques has a new website

And we are now also on ebay !!!

Nothing has changed... we are still on etsy ... good ol' http://www.moxieantiques.etsy.com/  ... where it all began !!! We are just expanding our reach... that is all!

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wax Dolls

Today, we feature antique wax dolls @ m o X i e a n t i q u e s ....

We will go light on words because @ moXieantiques ... we believe lovely old images speak a thousand words! Enjoy!

Click on the images below to view the respective listings @ moXieantiques .... our shop on etsy....

Vey Old 1800s Religious Creche Wax Doll!!! Museum Quality?

Exquisite Madonna and Child Wax Doll

1800s Wax Madonna and Child Wax Doll Very Lovely!

Antique Wax Madonna and Child Doll in Hutch Display Pristine.. Well Kept... Treasured Centerpiece
We hope you enjoy our feature on wax dolls today! These are just some of the vintage treasures we have for your home and heart .... To go directly to the listings... click on the images above....For more .... please visit us @ http://www.moxieantiques.etsy.com/
And don't be shy... follow us on our blog.... we promise to add more lovely images for your enjoyment .... as we are now finally getting into this whole "blog thing" .... Love... Peace... Blessings.... xoxo....