Monday, January 30, 2012

Where will moXieantiques be headed in 2012?

My pleasure to be back after a whirlwind rollercoaster!

The deal with the house did not go through .... but I learnt many lessons and gained understanding which I otherwise would not... so all is good .... time and forgiveness will heal all and as we head right into 2012.... I wanted to touch base with everyone and just simply connect ....

moXieantiques has been at this for 1 year now and I would like to share with everyone our vision of what is ahead ....

Our vision of moXieantiques continues to be helping one another keep their faith one day at a time, whatever that faith means .... We seek to accomplish this by providing unique vintage and inspiring home decor... We have succeeded in  providing faith inspirations through specializing in european antique religious statues in 2011... We are being known for lovely french madonnas and european religious statues that show love and beauty through their age...

They were a hit and we are amazed at how many statues we have hand picked, sold and shipped to our customers in 2011...

Now what about 2012.. what are our plans? Some of my wonderful customers have asked us to get more word out about our shop on etsy... very kind of them... They think we have fabulous items hidden in a little alley here on .... waiting to be discovered.... We thank them for their encouraging words of hope. Here are our thoughts .... Our business will continue to be online and through word of mouth .... we believe that as long as we can continue to work hard to help you keep faith one day at a time by sourcing wonders for your home and heart, we will continue to be around for you. We reward customer loyalty and appreciate referrals to your friends!

In 2012, we will not only provide antique european statues, but will branch into higher end sculptures ... We will also head on to providing eastern statues and home decor!Think Green Tara, Kwan Yin, Avalokitesvara... as new additions...We would like to provide diverse faith inspirations to you and yours over the years ...

We are also contemplating on providing our services sourcing antiques you love.  We have an extensive network to pull from and would be glad to assist you. Interior Designers or Decorators are welcome to contact us if they see wonders in using our finds in their clients' home.. 

We also provide help selecting statues or items from our shop,and will objectively propose colors or items that work with your current home decor. We will require pictures in order to assist you.

In 2012, we are also working to become a real estate agent here in The Woodlands, Texas .... Will keep you posted on our progress...
You are right... we are adding more on our plate .... and by accident.... but we have a feeling the dots will all connect ... whether we realize them now or later....

We also have thoughts about other ventures like writing books to share our journey... but one at a time... will keep you posted every step of the way!!!!

thanks for reading and listening... !!!



Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Choose My Statue !

Some of my customers have asked me "How do I know I have found a good statue? Can you pls help me find the perfect statue?"

And here are my thoughts and they come from my heart...

A statue that is perfect for you is one that speaks to you in words you cannot describe.  It speaks volumes to you, yet saying nothing!

A lovely statue is one that you can gaze at, be inspired and/or evoke an expression of awe.

A great statue helps you contemplate, pray and inspire you to beauty, truth and light!

A wonderful statue is one that inspires you to faith .... and helps you keep faith one day at a time in this sometimes crazy and turbulent times.

A statue that works for you is tasteful and has colors that fit your color theme and home decor style.. This is more important to some than others... but we have found that an important one...

To keep it simple, the perfect statue for you is the one you LOVE .... and is special to you... There are no rules to this ....

We wish you beauty, peace and love! And may you enjoy them all around you!

Here is a statue of mine that achieves the above!

Joan of Arc
 For more statues, check out moXieantiques

We just got a load of statues to list ... so please check in from time to time!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thought for the day!

Our Lord needs from us neither great deeds nor profound thoughts. Neither intelligence nor talents. He cherishes simplicity.
-- St Therese of Lisieux

Friday, January 6, 2012

Appreciation to our Wonderful Customers !!!

As we reflect, we are pleased to announce that moXieantiques has sold more than 65 statues in their various venues, mostly european antique statues of madonnas and saints in 2011 !!! Considering that this is our first year in business, there is something to be said !!!.... and I have been so touched by some of my wonderful buyers whom I have come to know and who have left me such wonderful feedback that it has inspired me to continue doing what I love and to bring you more beautiful old statues and home decor from the long lost past!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my customers who have left us such wonderful feedback here and our other venues .... you know who you are ....

Just wanted to let you know that your uplifting words are so appreciated, encouraging and uplifting ....

Let us always uplift and help one another keep their faith one day at a time !!! Stay positive!

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead ... and may love and light fill your homes!!!

Thank you! You are loved! We look forward to finding you more wonderful treasures in 2012!

Please feel free to drop me an email anytime you think of anything !!! Or what you would like me to find for you!