Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Choose My Statue !

Some of my customers have asked me "How do I know I have found a good statue? Can you pls help me find the perfect statue?"

And here are my thoughts and they come from my heart...

A statue that is perfect for you is one that speaks to you in words you cannot describe.  It speaks volumes to you, yet saying nothing!

A lovely statue is one that you can gaze at, be inspired and/or evoke an expression of awe.

A great statue helps you contemplate, pray and inspire you to beauty, truth and light!

A wonderful statue is one that inspires you to faith .... and helps you keep faith one day at a time in this sometimes crazy and turbulent times.

A statue that works for you is tasteful and has colors that fit your color theme and home decor style.. This is more important to some than others... but we have found that an important one...

To keep it simple, the perfect statue for you is the one you LOVE .... and is special to you... There are no rules to this ....

We wish you beauty, peace and love! And may you enjoy them all around you!

Here is a statue of mine that achieves the above!

Joan of Arc
 For more statues, check out moXieantiques

We just got a load of statues to list ... so please check in from time to time!


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