Friday, November 11, 2011

Giveaway Milestone Motivation!!!

Hello everyone ....

Happy Veteran's Day!  ....

Been soooo busy with technology lately ... and it is amazing how they eat up your time sooo quickly :)... but will try to free up more time to source ... which is the lovely part about our shop... everything is unique and special .... !!! We are looking forward to finding more wonderful vintage treasures for your home and heart .... And here is an idea that came to mind this morning .... to motivate us to keep going on 11-11-11.... did u guys realize that ... today is 11-11-11 .... !!!

In any case, here is the deal we @ moXieantiques will commit to !!! Once we reach 100 followers on our blog, we will have our first grand giveaway!!! More details to come .... when the milestone hits !!! So,  join in the fun and look forward to our first grand giveaway !!!

Will we reach that line by Xmas, next year, next Xmas.. who knows.... when the time comes... that is the deal!!! Only requirements we know now is ... the winner must have a paypal account and follow us on our blog , facebook, twitter
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Happy 1-11-11 !!!!

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