Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The way I understood Meditation

Sorry for being MIA for a while... My shop @ moXieantiques is up and running again ... so shop your hearts out!
The word “meditation” has been on my mind more and more ... and I wanted to share my journey with anyone and everyone that would care to listen... This sharing is not about the sharing of any sophisticated messages ... but just simple everyday efforts at making small discoveries on our journey to learn meditation... just some place to start ... So what is meditation? How does one meditate? Where does one start?
I will be sharing meditation articles ... from kind spirits I have crossed paths with on this journey...
Tomorrow, I will publish the first of a series of articles contributed by Thangka artist Colin Boone to my blog @
Colin will share his own knowledge of meditation in the Tibetan tradition... Stay tuned!
So, what is meditation to you? Feel free to share yours ... leave a message here...
If you would like to contribute an article to this blog, pls feel free to email

We accept articles from all faith traditions. Please remember that this is about sharing and learning ... We encourage and support diversity on this journey.

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  1. Oh Melinda this sounds very interesting and I am looking forward to it. Meditation to me is sitting outside and listening to nature. It soothes me immediately and I feel grounded and at peace.