Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lock of Hair of Virgin Mary ... Are you for real sir???

In Spring of this year, I attended the Roundtop Annual Antiques Fair in lovely Roundtop, Texas ....

and guess what I came across that was the highlight of the trip .... !!!

V I R G I N   M A R Y ' S  lock of hair  .....

Despite my allergies bothering me at this time of the year .... my first reaction was " Sir , sir ... are you for real sir? Is this indeed the lock of hair of the the the Virgin Mary herself sir ?" He uttered, "Ma'am ... I purchased this relic at an estate in Florida and yes that was what I was told .... " For a moment, I felt a rush through me  and if indeed I was in the presence of greatness ... I felt blessed for a minute ... then the investigator and skeptic in me took over ... "How would that be possible? Can you trace this through historical documentation ...? We need to make sure..." The gentleman looked at me and showed me some documents but he was kind enough to allow me to take some pictures of this possibly "once in a lifetime" look at the "Virgin Mary's lock of hair" ... We will just take it at that .... and perhaps someday it may appear at a museum ... if verified ! ..... Just wanted to share these moments and the pictures I took with all of you  !!! The lock of hair was lying in a miniature cushioned antique case ... I also had a view of the front and back of the medal display case containing the priced lock of hair .... !!! What a day! Never know the surprises of what life brings you ...
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow that is amazing and whether it is real or not - it still brings the essence of Mary with it just because Her name was mentioned!!

  2. Yes ... I felt so silly ... was walking round and round just to take one more look... uhhhhh...

  3. oh wow!! well, believing is a choice and when we believe in the impossible and the highest possible, then we open those gates into our own realities and physical lives! Thanks for taking those photographs and sharing with us

  4. Amazing. What a beautiful story. Faith. Thank you for sharing it all.