Friday, July 8, 2011

m o X i e a n t i q u e s Day 1 Blogging !!!

What a lovely day to start a blog .... When one of my etsy team mates, The Woodwife told me it was a requirement to have a blog to join a wonderful new team on etsy .... I finally caved in after procrastinating on the creation of a blog for my little shop on etsy called moXieantiques .... Then I wondered ... what would I talk or write about on my blog? Would the world care to read what I have to say? And then I think of "Julie and Julia".... :) Then I thought again... why not start with a picture of a lovely old statue.... and we will see where this the love of old statues was how m o X i e a n t i q u es really got started.... then I wondered if I could indeed get my picture of those statues posted ....

and voila ! .... here you go... Day 1 and first post on our blog here ... maybe I will get more ideas for my next post when I get the inspiration for one! Have a lovely week .....


  1. Wonderful beautiful congratulations!!! See it wasn't so hard. I will now send you an invitation to our team!!!

  2. Well done! Lovely statue - I cannot wait to see the next one!