Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thoughts .... Was Jesus Married?

An article in NY Times 3 days ago talks about a very controversial topic ...

"A historian of early Christianity at Harvard Divinity School has identified a papyrus fragment in the Coptic language that she says contains the first known statement saying that Jesus was married"

Here is the link to the article ....

Well.... how should we handle this news if it was proven true based on facts and science?

Will it change the Christian faith that much? Will it change our established belief systems, that of our Christian Faith?

It sounds incredible and heretical to many now ... but this has been in the news more than once and brought up by professors from more than one top university ... well... many have expressed that this is definitely not the case .... because of what they believe from the gospels and church authorities ....

Well .... my opinion is that the gospels can and should work with science. Our beliefs are very much just that ... they represent our faith ... what we believe .... 
it is sort of like the scene of  " Was the Earth round" ... and despite all our preconceived beliefs... we have to accept the reality that the Earth is indeed round! So, just an analogy that if indeed that fact was proven about Jesus .... we will have to accept it ... but will it really change our faith that much? If so, how?

Just food for thought .... and a reminder that some things never change like those below.... They transcend all people and cultures .... let us put our minds on those universal thoughts instead....


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  1. I read all the books by Kathleen McGowan a fictional story based on facts - that Jesus was indeed married. It felt totally right to me. Also the fact the Jesus was Jewish and Jewish men had to get married at that time period in order to preach. Sometimes we all seem to forget that Jesus was Jewish.

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