Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Virgin A Day ... Day 1

Good evening everyone,

It has been a while since our last post  .... and I must say we have Rebecca from recuerda mi corazon to thank for the kind nudge :) .... an invitation to take part in A Virgin A Day ... and her kind lovely link to our blog. This is the second year for us taking part in this event organized by Rebecca ... The wonderful sharing last year makes it a pleasure to relive those experiences again and am looking forward to enjoying all the posts this year and reconnect with the lovely souls I have gotten to know and make some new connections along the way ....

For this post, I invite you to join me as I take a little road down memory lane and share some objects from the long lost past. As we all start our own spiritual journeys, it does help to contemplate where our love or spiritual connection for Mary, Jesus, Buddha, Guan Yin, Green Tara, Shiva, Ganesh ... (I am just trying to include examples of many spiritual connections that could be the inspiration for you at this time) .... just perhaps, there was a past to your love ... be it Mary, Buddha, Shiva, Tara, Kwan Yin and so on....

today I take this opportunity to pay tribute to the grandmother I never met... I take the opportunity to share, savor and contemplate some of the artifacts that were passed down to me from her .... thank you for taking time to join me on this contemplation journey as I share them with you .... it is my greatest honor to have you as company ....

Here is an old Mater Dolorosa bust that belonged to Grandma.... So I sit here and wonder... what was her relationship with Mary .... ??? For some reason, I knew sooo little about her ... However I do know that she was an orphan in a nunnery started by French brothers and sisters.

On to the next artifact .... an old old dilapidated framed print of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Onto the last pair of small statues passed down to me.... looks like they are St Therese and St Bernadette....

As I pay tribute to the grandmother I never met, it is a warm thought to contemplate on these cherished artifacts from the long lost past. I go to sleep contemplating on  these two saints and how my grandparents practised their faith ... I ask you to take a moment to ponder on your inspirations and spiritual connections and if you so wish.... to join me ...  if you have some to share on your end.... i would be most pleased and honored to join you on your sharing and journey from your long lost past.... what inspires you and how you got to be inspired .... Sweet Dreams :)


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  1. What a lovely tribute to your grandmere. I didn't know mine, either - both died when I was very young and there was nothing left of theirs to pass on, except their memories which both my parents kept for themselves.

    Both of my parents were first generation here, ancestry from Europe. Their parents, my grandparents, felt that since they were in America, they should be "American," rather than European. Only English was spoken. Any customs that their families practiced were kept within that generation and not shared with the new "American" generation. At least, not in my family. It's as if coming to America, all ties with Europe were cut. I don't know if they were cut because of the pain of leaving or if the ties were those of the "enemy" that the US was fighting at the time of immigration and the times of my parents.

    Intellectually understandable, emotionally sad.

  2. i am so happy you have returned to share once more twelve days of mary. i am very touched by your very personal pondering. to have these relics to hold and reflect on from a grandmother you otherwise would have no touchstone to is very powerful.
    on my mother's side of the family her grandfather left his catholic faith to marry the love of his life. as a young child my family moved to california and we stayed with my mother's cousin, grandfather's sister who was raised catholic. your post today reminds me of those weeks at "sister's" house. i remember walking to the threshold of her bedroom and seeing for the first time her very mystical shrine composed of her most cherished old mary's, candles, incense, a palm woven cross from palm sunday, i was transfixed and drawn in so deeply. mary's eternally open arms speak to me every time my eyes fall upon her to this day.

  3. It's so interesting to reflect on the lives of ancestors who are links in our personal "chains of being," to wonder about their lives and what wisdom their hearts whispered.

  4. Thank you ladies.... i love this sharing of the hearts so much.... just got back and can't wait to go read Day 1 and 2 of yours... !!!