Sunday, December 11, 2011

Belated Day 10 and Day 11 of a Virgin A Day ....

I sit here pondering on my offering for my belated Day 10 and 11 of a Virgin A Day which I joined here @ Rebecca's blog .... Thank you all for making the faith journey so wonderful, interesting and fun...and for creating communities on cyberspace that help encourage one another to keep faith one day at a time.. whatever that "faith" means for each of us ....

My offering for Day 10 of A Virgin A Day @ 12:10am would be the words of french St Therese on The Blessed Virgin.... Very fitting for Mary's feast day!

None of these wonderful words are mine... All errors, if any, are mine...Enjoy...

How I love the Blessed Virgin! Had I been a priest, oh! how I should have spoken of her. She is represented as unapproachable, rather ought she to be shown as imitable. She is more Mother than Queen. I have heard it said that all Saints are eclipsed by her radiant brightness as the sun at rising makes the stars dissappear. How strange that seems - a mother eclipsing the glory of her children! I think quite the contrary. I believe that she will immensely increase the splendor of the elect... The Virgin Mary! how simple does her life appear to me ... Story of A Soul, Ch. XII

Sometimes I find myself saying to the Holy Virgin: "Do you know, O cherished Mother, that I think myself more fortunate than you? I have you for Mother and you have not, like me, the Blessed Virgin to love ... You are, it is true, the Mother of Jesus, but you have given Him to me, and He, from the Cross gave you to us as our Mother, so we are richer than you. Of old it was your desire that you might be the little handmaiden of the Mother of God; and I, poor little creature, I am, not your servant, but your child: you are the Mother of Jesus and you are my Mother." XIII Letter to her sister Celine

O Mary, if I were Queen of Heaven and thou wert Therese, I fain would be Therese to see thee Queen of Heaven! September 8, 1897, Last words written by Sister Therese of the Child Jesus.

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  1. what a beautiful post!! I have made a lovely shrine to St Theresa, the little flower. I have not read these words of hers before! thank you for sharing these!

  2. I have not read these words before either and they are wonderfully breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you Melinda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So here are Therese's long ago words of passion to Our Lady and they are still relevant to us today who bask in her divity. Thanks.

  4. dear ones,
    each morning we have thrown open the doors to our hearts.
    we have called out glory, love, compassion.
    day after day we have set out welcoming chairs in the
    house of belonging,
    lifted the veil of sacred existence.
    beveled off the edges of difference and distance
    to see more deeply the
    unbearable beauty of simply being
    for this and so much more i thank you.

    may we always begin and end with love.