Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Virgin A Day ...

Today ... Donna ... our artist who restore and transform statues @ our sister store moXieantiquestoo
told me about an invitation to post a virgin a day for 12 days ... so I joined here
Definitely got the blog going again! And for a lovely reason ... and a great idea to celebrate advent...
plus here @ moXieantiques we have so many marys waiting for good homes to grace... so here goes a selection of Notre Dame des Lourdes lovely statues from moXieantiques and moXieantiquestoo

Just a reminder ...
Our flagship store m o X i e a n t i q u e s will focus on european home decor .. specializing in lovely old statues.
Our sister store moXieantiquestoo will focus on artist transformations and restorations of lovely old statues.
Here goes a sneak peek of Notre Dame Lourdes statues .. Click on the pictures below to enter the listing directly ... All our statues are waiting to grace homes this Christmas... Treat yourself to a lovely statue from moXieantiques or moXieantiquestoo this holiday season... What better way to inspire your days ahead than gazing at a lovely statue! Here @ moXieantiques, we have choices ... enjoy browsing and let us know if we can help you find a statue you love!


  1. I'm so glad you have joined us for a Virgin a Day. Your shops sound fascinating. What wonderful pieces you have and that you are restoring.

  2. Well, this is unexpected, but welcome in my book. A store that sells Mary statues, (and obviously other stuff). Ypou've definitely kept the theme, and I would love to see more complete photos of the Marysm you have form sale. Very cool overall.


  3. Thank you for your wonderful comments and have lots of marys to post.. and great way to post one a day .... Spadoman ... you can click on the picture and it will bring you to the sale listing and there will be 5 pictures to view... blessings ... and check out my new posting today too!