Thursday, December 8, 2011

Green Tara ! A Virgin A Day ... Day 9...

I recently came to know about Green Tara and very incredibly drawn to Her .... would like to share a lovely mantra I came across ....This will be my day 9 offering of a Virgin a Day ... which I joined @ Rebecca's blog ....

Many refer to Green Tara as Mother Tara and this post, we contemplate the Virgin Mary and Green Tara, both wonderful divine feminine forces in this universe.... both honored in different faith traditions !!!

@ m o X i e a n t i q u e s  .... we are constantly learning about new old faith traditions, while honoring known ones!

A green tara statue may sneak into our shop at moXieantiques when a treasure arrives in our midst!

Peace ....


  1. I had not heard of the Green Tara before, but I watched just a minute of your video meditation and will return to it later when I can peacefully do it justice. Thank you SO MUCH.

  2. awesome! thank you Melinda for sharing this! I love Green Tara. Are you familiar with White Tara? In the East it is a powerful tradition to paint the images of the holy ones onto cloth, it is called Thanka. There are often shops outside the temples selling Thankas. Walking amongst them has the same peaceful and reverent feeling as walking in a church. How did I miss your other days? Will have a look right now. Namaste

  3. Very informative and educational for me. I learn from your descriptions of these older pieces. Wonderful stuff.


  4. This is my first visit to your blog and learned from it. I had never heard of Green Tara. I, too, love the old, chippy, cast-aways and drag them home. But, I have trouble letting them go. I will visit you often.
    Bless you in your making,
    Janie of Sacred Art Images

  5. My eyes are wide open in wonder at the treasures of the heart that live here.

  6. Still loving your Green Tara--two days in a row.

  7. I will come back to this again, new idea to me and so wonderful, i love them all!

  8. Hi everyone... I am so delighted to receive all your comments and interesting add-ons !!! It will be so much fun if we have another activity after "A Virgin A Day", something like we all go learn a new faith tradition and share it for x number days or so ! in addition to eastern...I am also interested to learn the faith traditions of native americans... and others my mind has no clue on as i remember spadoman joe mentioning.. all so fascinating and new to me... !!! Thank you!